How to fix problem with GoMage Advanced Navigation

We bought new version of module GoMage Advanced Navigation (4.9) and we have some problems. 
When i want have filtred some of subcaterogies, module not working. For example on this page first subcategory called “Vánoční dárky (49)” is not working, and for example subcategory “vanoční dárky a promohity (44)” is working.
Next when are some subcategories filtred, not everyone can be removed from filtred list of subcategories. 

According developer (GoMage) problem is in collison with template and module and fixing problem by GoMage costs a lot of money. (In default template everything working fine) 

I would like to ask you, if anyone have any experience with this module or if solved any problems like this? 
Thank you so much. 

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Hi Jan Kyselak,
Actually, we’ve not tested our themes with GoMage before so could not confirm you on the reason right now. I tried to have a quick check but have not found the root of issue yet.
As a common practice from many theme providers, we could not commit on the 3rd party extension compatibility. There’re thousands of extensions out there, so such integration is beyond scope of regular support.


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