How to get rid of color chooser and font sizer

This is my first day with Magento and I just loaded up the Mesolite template. I am quite familiar with the Joomla back end template configurations but there does not seem to be any in Magento.

My question is how do I turn off the color changers and font sizer on the template.?

I also want to have a categories list on my home page and I am not sure how to do it.

Any helpful tips about Magento would be helpful!


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I’ve never used this template, but have used the JA version.

If you go to the Template Manager and open JM Mesolite template.

Do you have anything like the following (JA Mesolite) tools available:

If so, just switch on and off what you want to appear.


there is no template manager in magento just like joomla’s template manager…..

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Hi robinp,
I don´t know what to edit in the ja_vars.php file in order to remove the font Size and color style buttons.
Could you explain a bit more please?


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