how to have front page show categories and not products

the front page is now showing "most reviewed products"….

how to show categories with images and links on the front page, while retaining the product displays from the category links on the menu?

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Wall Crasher 0.00 $tone July 19, 2012

Hi mneese_mag,

I am not sure I understand your request.
If you want to show more category on home page then go to JM Product and add more id to Categories ID.
Or add product markup on homepage like attachment.
Attachment 22467
Please describe your request in more detail so I can help you out.


Profile photo of michael neese 0.00 $tone July 19, 2012

hi wall crasher…
On the home page I would prefer to have the images for categories…then when you click the image you go to the category display of products….

So, for example you would have the front page images for these categories…"weather clothes"…"formal clothes"…"denim"…"jackets"…
"platform shoes"…"sandals"…"wedges"…..instead of images of the products that are the most reviewed…

Then when you select the preferred category, you are taken to a display of the products in that category….

thank you for your help!

Wall Crasher 0.00 $tone July 20, 2012

Hi mneese_mag,

We apologize. JM Zite does not have any function to display category as your requirement.
You may need to do customize(write your own module or something like that) to make it work.

If you have any other question, just let me know.



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