How to move "Related Products" inline with content?

Hello. I am trying to make an edit to the template. Many of my items will need related products. Currently the easyshop layout of related items is very small and hard to see and unless you have a ridiculously huge product description, it looks very bad with a lot of negative space below it.

I would like to either a) make related products inline, under the product information or b) make the related products a tab (like upsell products).

I think having related products directly under the content would be ideal as they will see it without any extra clicking. I know that upsell products already displays in a tab and for products with long descriptions I will use upsell products instead of related products. Thanks in advance.

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Can you provide a specific link to a product that has related products -- so we can see the current alignment and try to understand how you want it displayed?


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