How to remove a link from jm-quickaccess / my account menu

I’ve searched high and low in the code, but I cannot find what is generating the links for the jm-quickaccess (a.k.a the top “My Account” dropdown menu). I have an odd “Article” link displayed that I am trying to remove. See  
Can anyone help?

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    Can you show on print screen what do you mean? I don't see any article link or i am getting you wrong :)
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    See attached.
    This is how this menu came from the install - I did not add a link to "article" (which links to ubernews templates).
  3. #stopthebanter I dont se it in in Demo or Quickstart.. can yyou provide link to your site or FTP? i will change the module and take it out, no matter how it got there

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I see no error in the code and i tested the Quick-start and all is good, As i see that ARTICLE button is sending you to the news, that is located on the Main Menu (see screenshot
So you can edit all the content of this tab here -- see screenshot;
It is a position in the content called “Accaunt”
This should do it, please let me know if it worked. Thank you


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