How to remove JM Flannel – Responsive Magento theme for your online digital store

I want to change this txt in cms -> pages but get an error
that there is a page url key already exists.
How do I edit this line?
Thanks in advance.

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Profile photo of Eddy Ricardo Santos 340.00 $tone December 18, 2014

Hi Hans,
I can not understand what do you want well but,
For  CMS:

  • -> Pages: have as unique field: URL KEY. like (customer-service) for URL page.
  • -> Static bloks: have as unique field: IDENTIFIER. Like (electronics-landing) or (position-1).

Of course, those fields are unique for each Pages or Static blocks. Then maybe you only need to check the unique field is not equal to another pages or static blocks and you could edit the CMS Page.
NOTE: Sometimes there are two versions of HOME Pages. One enabled and other disabled. If you are editing the disabled home cms page, will have a similar error when enabled it. Look at this screenshot:
Hope this help.

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Hi Hans,
Please try this instructions from me.
Hope it help you.
PS: Thanks Richard for answered.
Best regards,


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