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We have 2 stores under single magento installation. I have an question about UB data migration tool is if we migrate data for both the stores to Magento 2 and then decide to make only one site live, how we manage the data for second store when we make it live. In short, once we had migrated all the data from both stores to magento 2, how to reset data for only one store?Please advise.

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Hi Nik, 
Our migration tool automatically migrates Website/store/storeview, and keep your original categories/products/orders etc., on as-is basis as per your M1 data structure. It’s up to you to configure which migrated website to be your default website in Magento 2.

Please note our migration tool supports Merge Default Website option (available in Step 2 of our migration dashboard:

If you enable Merge Default Website option, your default Magento 1 website (including default store of default website and default store view of default Store) will be merged into your existing default Magento 2 website. And all migrated categories, products, sales etc., will belong to your existing default Magento 2 website.
If you do not select Merge Default Website option, your default Magento 1 website, stores will be migrated as a separated website, stores in Magento 2.
Hope that helps. 
Ubertheme team


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