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Hi I an new to Magento ….we have Crafts 2.0 and wish to update to newest version….how do we do this whilst keeping all products and work already done?  Thanks Jeff

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    Hi thanks for your reply...we have already bought crafts 2.0 and have it up and running...we have upgraded our server and now wish to get the latest version of crafts 2.0 so update the theme from Crafts (M2) version 1.0.5 to version 1.0.7. How do we do this without losing products,images and the work we have done already. Thanks

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Hi there,
We wonder if you wish to update your Magento 1 instance to Magento 2 using our Crafts 2.0 theme? 
If that’s the case, we’re afraid no direct upgrade from Crafts (for M1) to Crafts (for M2) is in place. There’s a huge difference in codebase between Magento 1 vs. Magento 2, so Crafts 2.0 for M2 is a separated theme.
You can install Crafts 2.0 using quickstart package following our userguide here. If you wish our help to install the Crafts 2.0 into your existing Magento 2 site, you can consider our paid service here.
Ubertheme team


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