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I have this problem.

I installed the IG Lightbox of IdealiaGroup and have the problem that the header is above the lightbox. So I changed the theme.css #ja.header z-index to 1 in stead off 9999
Then everything works great, but off course the menu will not go over the slideshow, because the z-index is higher of the slideshow. After changing all the z-indexes to the correct order,

header 99
menu 99
slideshow 98
lightbox 9000

The header keeps popping up in front of the lightbox. The only time the lightbox comes in front of the header is when the z-index of the header is set to 1, what goed wrong here?

Maybe somebody has a solution.

Concerning css’s are menu.css , theme.css and ig_lightbox.css

Solved by installing a different lightbox

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