I'm missing Customer Group Prices per Store

Hi, Thank you for your nice tool!
Can you please help me to find te Advanced pricing in Magento2? What is the problem? I Have special Tier prices by shop by store, and I cannot find them in Magento 2 anymore at Advanced Pricing. Totaly Empty.
Can you please help me what i did wrong? Or the tool?
Ed de Heus

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Hi there,

Can you please help me what i did wrong? Or the tool?

Let’s provide me information about your instance:
+ Admin credentials and URL to back-end
+ SSH credentials and path to M2 foler
+ Product’s SKU which has issue as you mentioned.
+ phpMyadmin credentials of your M1 and M2 databases or M1 site URL to verify the product’s prices as you mentioned.
I will help to check further and get back you soon.

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Thanks for your reply, i solved this myself. Problem was that we have not set Magento 2 prices for multistore. After setting this en did a newrollback and a new migration it worked.
But still have one other problem, i will make new question,

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Hi Ed de Heus, 
Glad that you figured it out at your end. We’ve replied to you via your another ticket here, please check and follow up further with us there.
Ubertheme team 


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