image full screen on click in product attribute

Product image opens in full size mode when clicked (it does not gives next option when there are more than one image for the product which i think it should).
I went through the code and see that colobox is used as image gallary in the theme with some custamisation.
I used below code block which does opens the image in attribute when clicked but does not shows the close button line the product image.
Could you please direct on what change is required to show correctly and can i also use HTML or other static blocks in the below format with provided corrections.
And how to display with next button for more than one image (I see similar property is used in quick view)
Attached is an image that will help to explain.
Image Link:
Vicky T

<p class="product-image product-image-zoom">
<a title="Image Tilte" rel="ja_colorbox" href="{{media url="wysiwyg/projectimg/111_UnitPlan_RiteSkyLuxe.jpg"}}" class="cboxElement"><img id="image" src="{{media url="wysiwyg/projectimg/111_UnitPlan_RiteSkyLuxe.jpg"}}" alt="VoraSkyline Centrico (Malad)" title="VoraSkyline Centrico (Malad)" style="align:middle; width:30%"></a>

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Hi Vicky T,
Let provide me the ftp and admin credential of your site. I need to check further current code of your site and tell you how to solve the issue as you want.
Also, you can follow how to apply colorbox js for any images at


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