Import category trees recursively?

The plugin has the ability to ‘Import Categories’, but it only brings in the directly imported categories not their child categories.
This makes it very tedious to bring over a large category tree… Is there any way to import category trees recursively?

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Hi Moxune,
Our UB Mega Menu allows to import categories, and with the current version, it converts all categories to menu items (with type category page) with the same level.
However, our UB Mega Menu supports drag and drop feature, you can easily sort the menu hierachy your way.
Kind regards,
An Nguyen

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Hi An,
I noticed the drag-and-drop feature, but as I mentioned I have a large category tree (over 1100 categories!) so the drag-and-drop feature doesn’t provide any value for me. To import my tree using your plugin will take me several hours!

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Hi Moxune, 
Please give my team 2 more days to update our UB Mega Menu, then it’s possible to bring your 1100 category tree recursively as your specific case.
Thanks for your patience.
An Nguyen


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