Internal Server Error 500 when logging in to Magento Admin

After installing the JM Selini template I am finding that I can not easily log in to the Magento Admin. Navigating to the lets the login box come up, I enter my u/p info, and then I get the server error.

Oddly, if I simply remove the index.php/admin from the address in the URL and hit ‘enter’, the frontend come sup just fine! If I then re-add index.php/admin to the address and hit ‘enter’ again, the backend comes up and the dashboard loads just fine

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Profile photo of Saguaros 0.00 $tone April 12, 2010

Dear mycoloridentity!

i tested this issue many time, but i could not see the problem as you said, the site works well ,please kindly check again


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Dear mycoloridentity!

Ok, i saw this, but the problem does not continuous happen, it only happens once in my testing with the Firefox browser, so that The problem is very difficult to debug and find the solution to fix this issue. thus I am sorry for not being of much help. I recommend that you keep contact with the Magento’s developer for assistance.


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I have the same issue since moving my site, I do not think it has anything to do with the templates; most likely it is something else like a magento key issue. If I find the answer I will post back the answer.


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