Is there a way to center the menu

Looking for a way to center the main menu items on the screen.  As is, seems the menu needs full width for the submenus to have full width.

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Hi There,
This will need customization to center the main menu items. Please provide me the following credentials, I will apply workaround directly on your site: 

  • Admin url of your site
  • SSH and admin credentials of your M2 instance
  • FTP credentials.


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Hi There,
I have applied a tweak to make the main nav to be centered:
Please let me know if that’s what you expect? 
For your info on the file that edited: /public_html/app/design/frontend/Conscio/hisglassworks/Ubertheme_UbMegaMenu/web/css/source/module/_horizontal.less
Best Regards,

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Hi there,
I have updated further the file /public_html/app/design/frontend/Conscio/hisglassworks/Ubertheme_UbMegaMenu/web/css/source/module/_horizontal.less to set center-alignment for the menu.
Please take a look if this is what you’re looking for:
Best Regards,

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Hi Ziven, Thanks!  The mega menu dropdown is looking a lot better.  I’m wondering though… can the main nav be centered as well? directly below the logo (EXPLORE LEARN SUPPORT SHOP that’s currently in the grey bar)?  

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Hi there, 
Glad it helps. 
We close the ticket for now. Please submit a new ticket if you have additional question.
Ubertheme team


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