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I purchased a membership last year and subsequently registered JM Larix as the template for my website. At the time I had a problem with the little shopping cart graphic in the upper right corner. When you would add anything to the cart the graphic would get a large white bar through it. This was fixed with a new minicart.tpl.php file you provided, and has worked since. Until the latest round of updates (Virtuemart 1.13 & Joomla 1.5.9). So my question is, is there a new fix for this issue?

You can see what I am talking about on my with, just add any item to the cart and look at the shopping cart (it will fix itself if you do a manual refresh of the page, or click to another item).



(I am using the IE8 Mod, so IE 8 actually works correctly, this problem is only seen in Firefox. Safari won’t even add anything to the cart, you click the "add to cart" button and it acts like a dead link (does nothing).)

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