JM Mesolite not QuickInstall don't work?

Anonymous asked June 3, 2009

1. We have followed the whole steps of configuration if the JM mesolite product but we got a disordered page that has nothing to do we the template we purchase.
2. We stopped to analyze the Html code of JM product slider. We found that the html code generated shows two products and two images (On admin Panel put this limitations) the ones that we selected for the slider but we cannot see them in the slider product in web.
3. BUG revising the html code we have seeing that the right bottom call to Server of Joomlart


NB: we tried the operations in both windows (Firefox, IE 7) , Mac, (Safari, Opera, Firefox).

Can you please help us solve this problem and put into consideration the BUG existing in JM product.


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fenixer 0.00 $tone June 4, 2009

Before post this article we have:

1.- Install Quick Install on Same server, same ph options.
2.- Compra all important item from Configuration menu.

Copy EXACTLY all parameters, so the manual show too much diferences with quickstart model.
Copy of course, Home page CMS values from Quickstart to beta site.
Remove all magento addons and plugins.

Any thing for ok result.

fenixer 0.00 $tone June 4, 2009


Problem 1: JM Slideshow module with original code JM Messolite scriptaculous

Any time we activate the slideshow code it gives us an empty space and affects the appearance of the products in the JM Products List.
If we eliminate the below code of CMS -> Maneged Pages -> Home page for JM Slideshow, JM Products List functions well


{{block type="joomlart_jmslideshow/list" name="home.jmslideshow.list" }}

After we posted the original scriptaculous (get tip from your forum) from original location and it functions now on Firefox, IE, Safari on Mac & Windows.

Problem 2: JM RSS block disordered

This is due to configuration of JM RSS Reader; each time we put 0,1,2,3… characters in the Max of chars this produces a disordered page (All blocks move in disorder. See the attached image)

With our regards

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I am not a pro in Magento and indeed I have an unsolved problem in my magento too. Yet, for you Problem 1, I wish can give you some insights --

Checking the domain in IE 7 will have some-to-all products in the slide show area disappeared. However, if you check the same domain in Opera or Firefox, they are all there! Besides, only Firefox can present the circle corners but not IE nor Opera.

By the way, can you do me a favor and change a little text content such as telephone number there in the homepage via "CMS -> Maneged Pages -> Home page"? As everytime I click the "Save" button there, even after million times of reintall and clean install, it still gives me all errors in the front end (as in I would like to see if you can make it, if you dont mind. Thank You!


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