JM Methys Slider Goes crazy when you minimize or go to another tab.

The slider seems to work fine when you first visit the page but if you leave the page open and open a new tab or minimize the page, AND THEN come back to it the slider starts to cycle through the images crazy fast. it seemed to me like the slider was winding up as odd as that sounds. for example the images cycle every 4 seconds, so if i tab away for 20 seconds the slider cycles through 4 images very fast then it continues normaly, if i tab away for 40 seconds the sliders cycles through 8 images really fast before going back to normal. The longer you tab away the more images that cycle through fast when you come back to the page.

It just seems to me like the slider acts like it has some catching up to do when you minimize or tab away and come back.

Its also worth mentioning that this only happens on Firefox and i tested it on multiple devices.

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Dear vivianaa,
You could try my temporary solution for this by replacing jm.slideshow.js file in this directory:



And let me know whether it helps or not. Thanks for your contact.


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