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I am building a multi domain portal
In that I have main Domain as & the domains below that is & few more.

The Issue I am facing is that the JM Product Slider is not showing any products there on any site.
I was able to configure JM Mega Menu & its showing properly.

All the domains has it’s own directory & it consists only index.php & .htaccess plus I have created links of js, media, skin which are pointing to’s root directory.

I have also created saperate catogery as ‘Baddy Best Products’, ‘Baddy Newest Products’ & ‘Baddy Sales Products’
But any product in this categories is not showing.

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Hi drchait,

you should make sure that you have some products for those sites, for example I took a look at and did not see a product there, even in category page, I think you should check again and make sure that you did a proper settings, if the issue still there pm me your admin account and the FTP info I will check it further for you.

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Still Stuck on the same issue.
I have created A domain called under
I have created all the Categories for the tabs & created separate static blocks for all of them.
& mentioned them in home CMS Page too.

But Still no luck with that.

When inspect html source I saw the product is there, I am seeing that you want to show 4 products there but there is only one product, in this case I think you just need to insert more products to see them showing out


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