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we install via quickstart, the module works, shows product but OnClick it takes me to a 404error page. anyway if a configure MOST VIEWED or give him a cat Id o product id.

Any help? Thank you

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Dear freakydesigner!

You met 404 errror page after installing JM Product Spotlight problem. To fix this, please go to admin -> system -> permissions -> roles and edit administrator -> save.

To config for it you could choose 2 types: producst id and categories id based on your purpose.


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??? We talk about a problem at the FRONT END, not at back end, of course im Administrator, and we configure Products or id, but our clients get 404 error beacuse the module dosent links the produjct, just shows the product image.

Nothing to do with the admin, the module works, but it dosent link the product, any idea?


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Hi, please replace the app/design/frontend/default/jm_methys/template/joomlart/jmproductsspotlight/list.phtml with my attachment. That should help you to fix this bug.


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