JM Productsslider – how to show only specific products

Dear joomlart-team,

within jm tabs module I`ve added some static block`s.
With the help of your tutorials and the forum this was no greater problem

In every static block I`ve put jmproductsslider inisde with this code :
{{block type="joomlart_jmproductsslider/list" title="mytitle" name="home.jmproductsslider.list" mode="latest"}}

Also this is working fine. But because I`ve added the productsslider to every tab of course
I`ve on every tab the latest products.

And this is my question :
What I’ve to add to the code that productslider only shows specific products, like catsid="".
I`ve tried it with product_id, productsid, intro_product but nothing worked.

I`m sure you know what do you and say thanks for you help.

Kind regards


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