Just want some final confirmation before purchase

Hi Team,
We have one Magento site in which we need a slider with a dynamic button as well as a popup on the image.
Just like this  :  https://store.wallpaper.com/en/?utm_source=W_NAVMENU
So can you please confirm for us is it possible or not?
Magento version of site: 2.1.8

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Hi Venkatesh, 
Thanks for reaching out to us. 
It seems you referred to the product image hotspots on the image carousel. Our UB Content Slider module supports a product image hotspot feature that is close to what you are looking for. 
When hovering over a hotspot, it reveals essential product information like product thumbnail, title, and price. Please take a look at the live demo of this feature to see if it’s exactly the style you need. 
PS. The product image hotspot feature will require the UB Quick View extension (here) to be installed and activated. That means you will need to purchase both UB Content Slider and UB Quick View modules. 
Ubertheme team

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Hi there, 
We’d like to follow up further below: 

And you are confirming that this supports our requirement. 

As explained in our first reply, our modules just show three information in the popup: the product thumbnail, product title, and price (it does not come with full information and layout as per the link you provided). You can take a close look at the demo of the product image hotspot here

Can you please share the module link to purchase both?

If you decide to move forward with our solution, you just need to open both product pages (UB Content Slider here and UB Quick View here) and add the items to the cart. Then, you will have two modules available to proceed with the checkout. 
Ubertheme team

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Hi there,
We wonder if you had checked our UB Content Slider demo we shared in our previous reply #3. 
If you seek the exact popup layout with detailed information as per the sample (https://store.wallpaper.com/en/),  we’re afraid additional customization will be needed. 
Ubertheme team


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