Long description Missing plus text of short description encroaches on the photo

I need to enable the long description as my products rank very well in Google and my site is popular because we put a LOT of descirption in, technical details (Usually in another tab) and now all of this is not visible).

The title text of the product also encouches (ie overlaps) on the main product photo so it looks messy.
Can you please help with this and other issues? I like the look of this template but if I can’t get it to run for me perfectly then all is lost!!

Anyway, I know you came back fast on another problem so I am confident you can get this for me.

Many thanks,


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Hi Iain!

I have fixed the bugs for you:

1. The “Have Your Say” appears twice.
>> change html code in cms block 12

2. The Tabs doesn’t appear at all.
>> I see it works well now.

3. IMPORTANT -- My description seems to be missing on products and the Title of the product sometimes covers the picture. Look here: http://www.gadgetsbaratos.es/imanes-…s-doradas.html
>> I have fixed this bug by adding this code

.product-info-box img{

.product-info-box .more-views img{

To the end of theme.css in app/design/frontend/default/jm_easyshop/layout.

Tell us if you have any problem please.


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