Magento as a Joomla Component ???

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MageBridge -- A bridge between Joomla! and Magento
MageBridge adds a bridge between Joomla! 1.5 and the Magento e-commerce platform. It allows for displaying Magento content within the Joomla! component-area but also ships with Joomla! modules and Joomla! plugins.

The bridge uses two types of extensions: On the Joomla!-side a backend component allows you to configure the bridge, while a frontend component shows the Magento content inside the Joomla! component-area. Joomla! modules are used to show the Magento shopping cart somewhere within your Joomla! template. Also plugins are available to allow for further integration (search the catalog, user synchronization).

On the other side there is a Magento module which is called through webservices. This not only allows for flexible development, but also to have Joomla! and Magento installed on seperate servers.
Release Schedule

Currently the MageBridge is still being developed. Check the roadmap for more information. The MageBridge will be sold commercially, but against a very low price.

* Product pages and product search
* Catalog categories and layered navigation
* Shopping cart and checkout
* Latest products, cross-selling, up-selling, related products
* Tags, compare products, etcetera
* Cross-site authentication (Single Sign-In, Single Sign-On)
* User synchronization
* Makes use of the official Magento and Joomla! framework classes
* Reuse the Magento theme within Joomla! or write your own
* Allows for Joomla! and Magento to be installed on seperate webservers
* XML-RPC class for 3rd party integration

MageBridge goes much further than the JFusion bridge -- JFusion only offers user-synchronization, but MageBridge also brings content-synchronization. There are also some other bridge-solutions between Magento and third party CMS-es like WordPress or Typo3, but none of them is as flexible as the MageBridge solution. MageBridge doesn’t involve database-hacks or code-hacks, it offers a clean solution based upon the Magento API and its own API.

MageBridge allows you to connect the best CMS with the best e-commerce platform.

MageBridge will be released under the Open Software License. It will be available only for subscribed users at a pricing scheme -- yet to be revealed.
Minimum requirements

* Joomla! 1.5.7 or newer
* Magento 1.3 or newer
* PHP version 5 (CURL, XML)

Thoughts ???

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myeco 0.00 $tone May 11, 2009

Is it a threaten to VM ?? which the most popular E-commerce solution in Joomla, hehehe. This is a good competitor!

Profile photo of tomc 0.00 $tone May 11, 2009

Well, if it will be a component integration like VirtueMart is, then it will definitely be competition for VirtueMart -- BIG TIME.

tim413 0.00 $tone June 25, 2009

To use Mageconnect, what Joomlart theme should be used. I am interested in the JA Surf. Do you use both , the one for Magento, or the one for Joomla?


Profile photo of Daniel Pegues 0.00 $tone June 30, 2009

This sounds really cool, and will certainly come in handy. Being able to use a Joomla template while using the functionality of Magento, wow.

I can’t wait. VirtueMart is nice, but magento I think is nicer in many respects.

myeco 0.00 $tone June 30, 2009

magebridge is a cmmercial extension;

Let’s try this Jfusion. the latest version can successfully integrate Joomla and Magento !!!

This make Virtue Mart need to moving fast !


Profile photo of tomc 0.00 $tone July 1, 2009

magebridge is a cmmercial extension;

Let’s try this Jfusion. the latest version can successfully integrate Joomla and Magento !!!

This make Virtue Mart need to moving fast !


Someone let us know if you wee able to get it to work -- perhaps seeing an example

myeco 0.00 $tone July 11, 2009

i had done the migration of magento into joomla. It is successfully realize dual login when you login in Joomla main page, you will be logged into Magento at the same time.

However, if you login through Magento login page, you will not able auto login into Joomla. That reverse login function is commercial, and cost $29…

Somemore, Jfusion cannot fully integrate Magento layout match as the Joomla template you make. So you need to modify both side CSS to make them same looking.

Haiz, there is NO free lunch in the realistic world.

Conclusion, i will choose mage bridge, since their DEMO showing that Magento really same layout as just like your Joomla template, i think it works like a component as tcraw1010 said.


Profile photo of Daniel Pegues 0.00 $tone July 11, 2009

thank you so much for the reply. from what you wrote, i think i will also choose mage bridge… maybe it is worth it to buy mage bridge to have full functionality and control -- especially being able to fully use the joomla template.

however, jfusion is free, so i will not completely disregard it.

again, thanks so much for the info. i am sure many will find it helpful.

have a great weekend.


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