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Firstly, great idea for the Magento club. Am already a member of the Joomla club and am considering this also, however, a few points with respect to the new club pricing structure:

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Grumpster 0.00 $tone March 7, 2009

I am a big fan of Joomlart templates, but I was shocked to see the current high pricing and short duration of the Magento template club.

I echo all of ajackman’s comments above so I won’t repeat them here.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding the current pricing system, but if not, please reconsider your rates and time duration. For me, I believe they are too high for just one template.

scotty 0.00 $tone March 7, 2009

Like all types of business it’s all about ‘Supply and Demand". There is an abundance of Joomla template clubs all scouting for business and this creates competitive pricing. There are not so many Magento clubs so templates are therefor worth more. When there are more Magento clubs the prices will come down.

Profile photo of SP Media 0.00 $tone June 17, 2009

I hope joomlart really consider the duration of dev the license term of 3 months. $1400 USD for an annual subscription is toooo much. Mine runs out in a few days, and I can’t renew it at $350 USD on the off chance I may find one useful later on…

wooohanetworks 0.00 $tone June 19, 2009

First of all, there are no Magento Clubs except because Magento users are purchasers not club joiners. 350$ for a membership, I like to know why anyone has ever joined this club for this totally overpriced price, same as I wonder why you did? By now, you get Joomla adapted themes that are not really true shopping templates at all. By now I also do not wonder why at point of release of JM Mesolite there was those negative feedback in the Magento forums. The price is high, the desing is only usual stuff, the other designers maybe charge 90$ per template and mostly without ridicilous copyright removal and domain use restrictions.

These are the reasons I never joined this club, as it was foreseeable. I wished and wish JA good luck with their project, but by now, those are all dual themes and nothing really thought through. They have no topic, like electronics, fashion, auto, lingerie, sport apparel or whatever. They simply float around in space without a real meaning what they represent.

I am very very satisfied by 1 Magento theme I bought at TM for 180$ without any domain restrictions, any copyright issues and most important 100% BUG FREE. And when I see what mass of problems and bugs are present with all the JM themes, I know I did the right step to purchase a TM theme and maybe later, like in 1 or 2 years, to also use a JA JM theme when those may be mature products.

All the best!


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