make 'hot' and 'new' labels bigger for more text

Does any body know what CSS I need to increase to make these labels bigger? I want to add a word like limited but there isn’t enough space.

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Go to this File: /skin/frontend/default/jm_hawkstore/css/styles.css

Find this code and increase the width:44px to any size and also change the background image


.products-grid .product-image .label {   position: absolute;   width: 44px;   height: 25px;   line-height: 20px;   background: url(../images/icon_hot.png) no-repeat right top;   top: 0;   right: 0;   color: #fff   text-align: center;   text-transform: uppercase;   font-weight: bold;   font-size: 11px; }

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