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I’m using the MegaMenu that came standard installed in the LingerieTemplate/quickstart. I can find the joomlart/jm mega menu/manage menu groups, it wil display groups made.
When trying to add a menu item i first get the list so no option to select menugroup and add an item, instead i have to edit en use the back button to get the item list but the list doesn’t display any items created in the past The items should be there since they are displayed on the site Did already cache management, reindexing … but still no menu items to see
Any suggestion

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Profile photo of Mall Staff 184060.00 $tone February 12, 2015

Hi smalle

I already updated mega menu the latest version on your site and the issue was fixed, please let me know if you still have any concern!
Thank you

Profile photo of ivan smalle 170.00 $tone February 13, 2015

Hi Mall,
Thank you for the update. Can you tell me where to download the magento extensions, when i try to find it in my downloads i only see the templates to download.


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