Mega Menu is not displaying

The mega menu is not displaying after a user deleted some product categories. The menu data is still configured in the Magento admin but the menu is not showing.

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Hi Chris Bradley,
It appears that your account is not connected to an active paid license of UB Mega Menu. As it is a paid product, it is required that you own a license to gain access to download & support.

You can purchase UB Mega Menu at this page. Then our team will be able to provide further assistance.

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I am here on behalf of a client who has a paid license. However, we just resolved this issue. There was some data corruption in the ubmegamenu_item table. We rebuilt the offending links and the navigation is working as expected.

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Hi Chris,

Glad to hear that you have sorted this out at your end.

In case of any future technical questions, you may advise your client to submit the query using their paid account, which would allow our team to offer assistance properly.


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