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I am noticing that on my Android Mobile the menu on my site keeps flipping between the current one and the original demo one.
I can’t see any reason why it is doing this.
I have noticed it quite a few times today. I check the site on my mobile and the menu is correct, check again a while later and it has changed to the original demo menu, check again and it is back to the current one and so on.
Can someone tell me how to stop this please?
I was going to attach a screenshot but I can’t see how? Is that not possible on this new forum?
Many thanks

  1. Thank you Mall,What an idiot!
    Forgot to include the URL in the original post!
    Here is the screenshot from a mobile:
    It seems to happen when you use the menu to navigate to a category and then go back to the home page.
    Many thanks

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@Wayne Farnworth: I see the menu is still working fine in Desktop, Tablet & Mobile. Pls try to clear browser cache in mobile.
If problems still persists, you can send me some screenshots, I will check further & help you out.


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