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I seem to have a bug with my menu.

When I resize page smaller, click them menu, click away, then make the page bigger the jmmega menu no longer appears.

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My bug/glitch analyst is going mad resizing windows….

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Profile photo of Paul k 0.00 $tone June 5, 2014

Its on my store, but also on the demo site.

1. Open the main website here:
2. Mouse over the top JMMegamenu and see it displays correclty.
3. Now resize your browser window so as to show the responsive design style with the left hand top menu button.
4. Click on the left have menu to show the hidden menu. Don’t click an option, just close the menu.
5. Resize your browser again, you will see that the Jmmegemnu at the top has disappeared.

I hope that is clear enough.

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Thank you for your clarification.

To get it fixed, please open the file \skin\frontend\default\jm_hawkstore\css\styles.css , on line 513 add this code:


#ja-mainnav-inner { 
	height: auto !important;
    left: auto !important;
    overflow: inherit !important;

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