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Hello support,

I need to use the ubertheme mega menu for my website. I have called it using a static block in phtml but the script is not working. I tried many methods like calling it through xml but it is not working.  Please check the attached screenshot for reference.
Please help me as I am struggling from the last 2 days.


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    Anyone there?

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Hi there,
Please provide me information about your instance via a private reply:
+ Admin credentials and URL to the backend
+ SSH credentials and let me know the path to the M2 folder
I will help to check further and help you out.

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Hi there,

I checked your instance further and saw that you did enable the 3rd-theme named ‘Acme/default’ which is a children theme of the ‘Hyva/default’ theme:
/vendor/hyva-themes/magento2-default-theme/ (

And this theme disabled RequireJS lib which is used in the Magento core and our module to manage and load the needed JS functions. That is the root cause of the issue with the JS script of our module that you saw:

Also, this theme changed the method to define and load the LESS/CSS files: It is not a standard rule from Magento core, and that is the root cause why LESS/CSS of our module was not loaded and compiled:

In short, as you can see, the 3rd-theme “Hyva/default” disabled Magento core rules on Javascript and LESS/CSS files that led to the issues you got with our module.

PS. If you switch to use Magento’s theme (blank or luma), you will see our module should work fine.



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