Mobile menu bug?

My Mega Menu includes a custom static block (product spotlight just like is shown in the demo) and works great on the desktop version. However, on the mobile version the menu shows these expanded by default for some reason. Please see screenshot. Am I overlooking a setting that can control this?

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Profile photo of chavan 100.00 $tone February 7, 2014

For the Image Break fix, do this css change

Go to this File : /skin/frontend/default/jm_siotis/css/layout-mobile.css

Find this code

HTML Code:

.products-grid  .product-image img { width:200px; height:300px;}

Replace with

HTML Code:

.products-grid  .product-image img { width:140px; height:300px;}
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@ ninjaprecision,

you could open the skin/frontend/default/jm_siotis/css/styles.css file, add the following css rule:

HTML Code:

#off-canvas-nav .listing-type-grid {
   margin:0px !important;

Hope it helps.


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