Moved Magento site redirects to old site

I’m trying to move a Magento test site (JM Deco) from one server space to the other and keep getting a redirect to the old site.

I have cleared all var/cache and var/session for, updated local.xml with correct database credentials, and updated core_config_data -- web/unsecure/base_url and web/secure/base_url. I also replaced the .htaccess with a blank file, but still get redirect.

I have a client site built in Magento with JM Deco that I need to move, but wanted to run through a test move first, which for 3 days now have had no luck.

Please help…


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I was finally able to stop the redirect. I was clearing all the cache in var and also in tmp in root, but I don’t believe I ever cleared them at the same time, so each time I tried to revisit the live site, new cache was created. Once they were both cleared at the same time, the site quit redirecting.

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Hello Lindatl!

I have almost the same challenge. I am building a site for a customer on a hosted environment I own, but once we are all set with major changes and improvements, we will need to move all to a new hosting of their own.

Is it possible you can mention a couple of resources to easily deploy this migration?

Also, I heard something about issues when you install magento into an specific host/folder like and you attempt to redirect to the /store folder where magento was originally installed. To have the store site open when you type

Thaks for your comments and thoughts.

Best regards.

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Hi ruku,

I’m not sure about when Magento is installed under a folder, although I have seen it referenced. As far as moving the site to a new server, I basically followed these instructions:…another_server

The main thing to point out is you cannot test or see the site until you have performed the following:
mage/index.php to 755
mage/downloader to 755
mage/js to 755
downloader/index.php to 644

Also, delete all cache, and if needed, rename .htaccess to .htaccess.bak

I have also found that I every time I install an update, I have to go back and CHMOD most of the files & folders listed above when done for the site to work again. If you are seeing a maintenance page once you are done, delete the maint.flag file in mage.

I hope this helps!


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