movements + purity 1.2.0

I have noticed some movements to the center for the right menu for some page (2 pages) and also staircase of central menu. It happens just under page title but above article title after clicking main menu sub menu ou communicator module menu.
It happens on full screen displaying 1280*1024 with IE8 but not in 1280*800 mode. With A— typo only.
I do not find any solution for the moment. Do you have one ?

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jujujoom 0.00 $tone November 9, 2009

I solve it like that :

On template.css :

.column_separator {
padding-left: 25px;

/* content tables */
td.sectiontableheader {
padding: 0px;
border-right: 0px solid #fff;

The two columns are now same size…


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