my jm sporty theme is compatible use for magneto 2

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    my jm sporty theme is compatible use if i update magento 2 my jm sporty theme is compatible magento 2 without any issue please inform me [email protected] this is my website still i am using magento

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Hi Chaitanya, 
In case we have Sporty for Magento 2 in place, for sure there will be option to upgrade. Yet, the specific upgrade offer will be determined at the date we release those themes. 
An Nguyen

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how to upgrade sporty theme in magento 2 please tell me i want to upgrade this theme in magento 2 because i am using this theme please inform me as soon as urgent.

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Hi Moin Uddin, 
It’s pity we could not confirm on the plan for (Magento 2) Sporty theme at present. 
Thanks for your understanding.
Ubertheme team 


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