New image for Position 2 & 3

How do I replace the default image that comes with the quickstart template in position 2 and 3? Thanks.

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quanpa 0.00 $tone August 19, 2013

Hi kevintighe!
You can replace images in location folder Ftp: skin/frontend/default/jm_mago/images
bg_1.jpg for position 2
bg_2.jpg for position 3
note: size of images replace 330×305

Profile photo of Christiaan Frickel 0.00 $tone September 28, 2013

I have a problem with this ie I change these pictures but I get the ghost image in the background with the size. Also i can’t find the configuration for the block on the left of the product page.. I seem to be missing some config info, is there a more detailed user manual than the one on the website.


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