New product not showing up in latet products

Anonymous asked July 2, 2012


When i add a new product it does not show up in the latest products Tab. How cani get this to work please?

and secondly please can you update the user guide for this product is it dismal and very disappointing. I would rather pay more and waste less time. Wasted hours on this silly template trying to figue out things that are either completely missing from the guide or not very clear.

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ryanvdm 0.00 $tone July 2, 2012

additionally i am unable to disable the brands tab. I have gone to cms->static block and disabled it from there but it just will not top showing on the front page.

Profile photo of Saguaros 0.00 $tone July 3, 2012

Hi ryanvdm,

Did you try to flush all magento cache after making change? If you’re in development process, I suggest that you should disable all cache in Backend > System > Cache Management so that you can get changes updated immediately.



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