No bullet points in wysiwyg

when i try to add bullet points in the editor to a product description it shows as im editing it but when i view the product page the list is just a list.

no bullets or indents.


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hi Chavan,

sorry but you have confused me.

an unordered list is bulleted -- which is what it shows in the editor
however when i look on the page at the item description there is no bullet or indent

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I have this same issue using the Crafts theme. Sure i changed this “list-style:none;” to the recommended “list-style:disc;” in the according CSS file, but then this change effected many other parts of the site.
The problem is that this in this theme for a lot of the parts the CSS is combined. Changing it for one is changing it for all.
Hopefully Ubertheme provides a proper solution, because i am have never experienced this in professional themes.
All the best


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