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I am building an online wine shop. With the greta support in this forum and from the help team it is coming along very nicely.

I want to be able to have one wine name example Penfolds Cab Sav and then be able to have different years and then different prizes for those years. (like someone might have different sizes for a tv that was the same model and hence different prices)

I have searched and found various solutions for configurable products. I created an attribute year but each time I try and create a new product it does not seem to work for me. I have tried it several times and the products don’t display on the site. Does anyone know a good tutorial as the ones i have followed have not resulted in me getting the right result.

Or does anyone know how to do it and can advise me.

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Profile photo of James Weston 2860.00 $tone August 28, 2014

Hi Guys I have fixed the problem by looking at more videos from…-attribute-set

HOWEVER, now i have the problem with the currency formatting again. If you look at…-syrah-38.html you will see that the currency that should be Rp1,200,000 is appearing as Rp1.200.000,000

The Indonesia currency that we use would need to have the following options


I have the same issue in the cart. The ones in this format are ok Rp100,000 but once we get into the millions it goes array.

Many thanks Jim


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