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Good day, I have installed the UB Onestep Checkout module to my magento installation but I seem to be having an error whenever I try to place and order. This is the error I get:
Please check the billing address information. postcode is a required field. Invalid value of “US” provided for the countryId field.

But when I tried it on a local fresh installation there seems to be no problem. Just in our dev site where we are doing oir development processes.

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Hi Mark, 
We wonder you’ve tried to set the country under Default Values section? If you already set a specific country, and the issue still persists, please provide us the following site credentials, we will check and help you out: 

  • Admin url and credentials of your M2 instance
  • SSH credentials of your M2 instance
  • Let us know the path of your web root folder

PS1. Please mark your reply private, then you’re safe to share your site info here.
PS2. We wonder if you have another profile at Ubertheme? We could not keep track of your purchase associated with UB One Step Checkout. Since our technical support requires active subscription, please let us know the username of the profile that you purchased our check out extension. 
Ubertheme team


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