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Hi team,
I just used Data migration pro, but customers cannot login with their passwords.  It always shows password not correct.
Other than that everything else seems working properly.
Please help

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    I'm migrating from CE 1.9 to CE 2.2.3

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Hi there.

It always shows password not correct.

That is strange. Are you sure you have tested with correct username and password?
Let’s re-correct your customer credentials once more. If the issue still persists, let’s provide me information about your working as followings: (please post your information in private reply)
+ Admin credentials and back-end url of your Magento2 instance
+ SSH credentials and web root path to your Magento2 folder
+ A customer credentials with the issue as you mentioned. And the front-end url of your Magento1 site to make sure your customer credentials is truth.
+ phpMyadmin credentials of the Magento1 vs Magento2 databases
I will help to check further and reply you more later.

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Hi there,

it is now solved by restart migration and choosing merge…

Yes, let’s contact me if you need further assistance.


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