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The vertixcal position of the submenus always starts at top of the main menu. Even if you select the bottom item. that is very confusing. It should work like the horizontal menu. Submenu appears beside the chosen menu. See http://jukebox.skyberatedev.nl/ and the click “weerstanden’ in the vertical menu.

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Hi there,
Please follow workaround below to resolve the issue you mentioned: 

Open the file: app\design\frontend\Ubertheme\megamall\Ubertheme_UbMegaMenu\web\css\source\module\_vertical.less and navigate to the line 26, then change: position: static; to position: relative;
And at the line 113, change top: relative; to top: 0;
Once done, please re-compile the LESS to CSS as normal (Please remove the var/ and pub/static/*)
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