Problens with Static Block in multiple Store

Hello all,

I have one question….

I create 3x different stores, and associate one specify language to each one, when I change to a diffrent stores, the statics blocks in the botton of page desapear, I turn on " Add Store Code to Urls" in my configure, see what happen. (blocks apear) (blocks not apear) (blocks not apear) (blocks not apear)

The same happens with JMTabs.

Have one way to change this to apear in all stores?

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yes,i find the same problem.
and i not be able to switch the language of system menu(such as "log in,register,add to cart")to another language,always in english.i am install the languages packs no problem,bcoz i can switch fine on the backend.
do you have this problem?


If you setup in the default page one other language than English, will work, but need to be the default language in default page. If you setup other languages to swith in " select store " option in the botton of page, the block not apear.

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Hi there

I think this issue is from your configuration. You should go to forum of mageto to find some information about this issue.

It is not related to our template. I am sorry for not being of much help in the case.


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