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Hello, After migration and moving migrated attributes to default set, cannot save an attribute of multi-select type.  No error, just doesn’t save the values.  This is after a reindex and re-saving the attribute (which works in some instances).
Please advise.

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Hi there,
Could you provide me more information about the issue you mentioned? Please provide me information about your instance:
+ Admin credentials and URL to back-end
+ SSH credentials and path to M2 folder
And tell me know how to clone the issue you mentioned. I will help to check further and reply you more later.

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Hi there,

To recreate, edit any product, we’ve been using this one:

I have checked and saw the issue you mentioned. When digging further into your M2 database, I found that issue related to a custom product attribute code ‘shipperhq_warehouse’ which was not migrated by our tool (our migration tool migrates the product data values of that attribute only). 

You could see this screenshot: And that attribute associated with the third-party extension which you used in both M1 and M2 instances.
I believe the issue relates to the setting of that attribute in the database (this setting was not migrated by our tool, and it came from your third-party extension). 

The issue in this post (on Github) is the same with the issue in your instance. Please try to follow suggestion in that post to re-update the backend_type and backend_model values for that attribute.
Hope it helps. 


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