Product images disapeared from Product page

Hi Guys

As the title says, one day they were working the next they are not.

Just when i was looking at getting my site into a position I can use it, something again seems to want to set me back



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Profile photo of Darren Newton 10.00 $tone July 21, 2014

Hello Hello Echo Echo Echo

Today is Monday here in the UK, Midday I reported this Friday 10AM and still no answer, I have waited all weekend as you do not work weekends…

Lets have a fix guys

Profile photo of Saguaros 0.00 $tone July 21, 2014

Hi Darren,

I’m terribly sorry if this reply was late.

I just logged into admin area of your site, tried to switch to default theme of magento but the image still not showed. It meant that there is something wrong from default magento of your site or due to 3rd party extension installed in your site. Please try to disable them first and see how it goes.

P/s: I also try to check setting of product in your site, but it shows nothing:


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