Products not displaying correctly on home page

We have three problems on the home page.

1. Product row with only two products -- the third row only displays two products?
2. Product row with 7 products -- the fifth row displays 7 columns
3. Intermittent fault some products overlap each other


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Profile photo of Sherlock 0.00 $tone March 11, 2013

Hi webdesignwigan,

I guess the problem is related to one of those product descriptions, maybe html open or close tags are missing there, in this case you can try to disable some of those products at the homepage to find out the one caused this.
If that still does not help you can give me the FTP info for further checking.

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I found this html in the product that was causing the problem it seems the content is cut off half way through a html tag


<p>Aqua Products Endura Large RS Quiver <br><br>Size 300 mm (w) x 1150 mm (h) x 80 mm (d)<br>Endura Material<br>Neoprene rod retaining bands<b...< div="">
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Solved this by changing the description max length in magento admin to 350

System>configuration>JM Products

Apologies if this seemed obvious but thought it best to post my findings anyway.


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