Quickstart Also Has The Same Menu Not Working on Mobile Devices

I installed the quickstart of JA Mago to check if it has the same issue with the menu not working on mobile devices.
it has the same issue with the menu on mobile. You click it but nothing happens, the menu is not showing at all. Customers can’t shop on a mobile device.

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Profile photo of Sherlock 0.00 $tone February 27, 2014

You could try as follows:
1) Replace the skin\frontend\default\jm_mago\js\jquery\plugins\co lorbox\jquery.colorbox.js file with my attached file.
2) Go to the skin\frontend\default\jm_mago\js\jm.script.js file, replace all the texts below:

HTML Code:



HTML Code:


If this does not help, you can pm me the FTP account and I shall help you out.

Profile photo of Antonio Honrado 0.00 $tone July 8, 2014

Hi Sherlock,
Finally got a chance to check if the mobile menu is showing sub menu items, it doesn’t, I have followed all you suggested and uploaded the file you sent but the submenu is not showing only the main menus not anything under it.
Do you have fix to this?

Profile photo of Saguaros 0.00 $tone July 17, 2014

Did you try to clean magento cache after making changes?

If problem still persists, PM me admin and ftp credentials of your site, I will take a look.


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