Quickstart does not work for me?

Hello, i always have problems trying to install quickstart on siteground host? Last 2 times i had to pay to install for me. The installer tried the following to install:

I did complete the installion as follow:

1)I put the package.zip which is a zip file contain all files in the quickstart, and Unzipped this file into the "magento" Folder.
2) I could not install via the tool of magento, i tried to change some settings of the server via HTACCESS file and PHP.INI, but i had not luck, i still could not install this package.
3)Finally, I must to install the quickstart on my localhost and exported my database to import into the database of the live site and re-configured some parameters in the app/etc/local.xml file, the "core_config_data" table. Now site is working well.

I have manually installed magento and uploaded skins etc, but the site does not look like the demo.

Can you help?

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