Quickview appears to have some breakpoint issues

Quickview appears to have some breakpoint issues: So in Chrome on windows if you have your window at a variety of nonstandard sizes  1031-1227 px widths for example

We purchased this and I discovered this on our dev environment, but I’ve verified it happens on your demo site as well.  Is this something you can resolve?

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Hi There,
Please provide me your site’s URL, admin and FTP credentials, I’ll detect the root of the issue for troubleshooting. 
PS. Please mark your reply private, then you’re safe to provide me your site credentials via this thread. Only you and our technical team can access. 
Best Regards,

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Hi Ziven,
Our site is currently only on my local development area.  Although I could upload it if you really need.  But the issue occurs on the Ubertheme demo site under the luma theme as well so it seems like this is something that needs to be patched in the extension itself?

Let me know, I’ll be standing up on online dev site shortly so can provide access there if you really do need.


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Hi Bryan,
Please follow the quick workaround below to resolve the issue:
Download this file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/enjwkl7qi3g58df/_style.less?dl=0 and copy to the folder:  app\code\Ubertheme\UbQuickView\view\frontend\web\css\source\module
Once done, re-compile LESS -- > CSS as follows:

Step 1: Open Terminal, navigate to your root site with CLI and type: rm -rf var/* pub/static/*
Step 2: php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f

Please let me know how it goes then.
Best Regards,


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