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Where do you set what information is displayed in the product quickview?

On http://www.5mbooks.com I have JM bookshop installed. When you use the quickview on a product the box comes up, but it includes the page header, sidebar and footer as well as the product info. On your demo it just includes the product info.
Do you know how I can remove this.


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Hi Tom

Thanks for answering. The JM Quickview module is included in the JM Bookshop module. It is installed and does most of what it’s supposed to.

On the JM Bookshop demo the pop-up colorbox that appears includes only the product details. On y site it includes the header and footer as well. i.e. it seems on the demo it uses the "blank" layout whereas on my site it uses the "2-columns left" layout.

Not sure how to change that though.

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When I am on your site and I hover over any of the products on the home page, I do not see the "Quick View" icon appear to click. This is why I am wondering if you truly have the "Quick View" extension installed and/or activated.

I’m not saying you don’t … I’m only saying that the icon doesn’t appear (when I view your site) as it does in the demo

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Um, what browser/device are you using? The quick view doesn’t appear when the responsive template is a narrow screen width, but on desktop it does appear.

Firefox and Chrome -- Desktop

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If you look at the home page the quick view icons are displayed on the products. Why they aren’t displayed on category pages is a different problem.

[Edit] I have disabled it for now so ignore this.


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