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Hi there
In your JM Flannel template the recently viewed product is enabled in the jmmegamenu. In the block you have quanlity and perrow options.
First: quanlity is written with l (L) quan-l-ity in your code. I have changed it to quantity with t instead of l and changed the value to 3
Second: I changed perrow to 3

Nothing changes in the recently viewed in the menu … If I put quantity and perrow to 1 or 2 or three or 4 it always only shows 2 recently viewed products…

Any help ??

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vaper 0.00 $tone October 2, 2014

I have found out that your parameters (quantity and perrow) doesnt work. Instead amount of recently viewed is controlled from System->Catalog->Default Recently Viewed Products Count.
And to make them appear some tweaking must be done to the css.


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